Take control of your schedule.

Are you running an appointment-based business and find that it can get
tedious when you are juggling multiple clients, services, meetings (and timezones!)?

If any of the below sound familiar (or even regular!),
then you know that your current scheduling system is NOT working for you:

What timezone are you in?

Can I reschedule?

When are you available?

Can you fit me in?

What time did I book in?

Oh, you've double booked?

What you need is an effortless appointment booking system.
It should be simple! Never be double booked again and stop playing phone tag!


Hi, my name is Sam and
I am an Acuity Certified Expert!

My name is Sam Bell and I am an Acuity Certified Expert. That means that I know the ins and outs of this amazing scheduling solution so that you don't have to and so that you can focus on what's really important in your business. I am also a brand stylist and a business coach inside my monthly membership, The Breakthrough Year. One of my passions both when working 1:1 with clients and when working with my students is finding systems that work FOR YOU. Systems that make your life easier! Let's get started!

I'm an Acuity Certified Expert SETUP NINJA and BUSINESS STRATEGIST!


But what's Acuity?


Your Personal Assistant

Acuity is your online personal assistant that works behind the scenes 24/7 to help fill your schedule in a way that’s user friendly for your clients and customers. This means no more double-booking, no more phone-tag or back and forth!


Your Calendar Manager

Set your availability and sync with your digital calendar so that you are never double booked! Clients can set their timezone and select times from your available appointments and Acuity will even buffer in the time you need on either side of the appointments!


Your Payment Platform

If you’d like to take payments, you can easily do so! You can sell gift certificates, packages, memberships and group classes. Acuity integrates with the major payment processors.


Your Branded Scheduler

Customize everything to match the look and feel of your brand and embed your scheduler on your website so as to create a seamless booking experience where people never have to leave your site!

Let's get your schedule all set up and sorted!



Setup Packages


Basic Setup

One Calendar
Up to 5 Appointment Types
Customise with your logo and colours
Embed on your website
Customized intake forms for each appointment type.
Sync with your digital calendar
Integrate with PayPal, Stripe or any of the integrated payment processors inside of Acuity
Automated reminders and follow-up emails
Tutorial Video

Get setup for just $300 USD


Premium Setup

Up to 4 Calendars
Multiple Appointment Types
Customised to match your brand
Embed on your website
Intake forms for each appointment type
Sync with your digital calendar
Integrate with any of the available payment processors
Integrate with a range of other services and tools
including but not limited to Zoom, Quickbooks, ConvertKit, Google Analytics.
Automated reminders and follow-up emails
Tutorial Video

Go premium for just $650 USD



Not sure how to use Acuity in your business? As an Acuity Certified Business Strategist, I can help you not only get the most out of Acuity Scheduler but I can also audit your current business system and recommend ways to improve the way you're working so that your clients have the very best experience AND your business runs smoothly. This strategy package can be purchases stand alone or as an add-on to one of our setup packages.

The strategy package includes:

  • A pre-call questionnaire covering areas like client on-boarding and off-boarding, project management, invoicing and bookkeeping, communication methods and more!
  • A 30 minute Zoom or Skype call where we identify the parts of your system that are letting you down or causing you and your clients angst and confusion. 
  • A completely custom system strategy plan that includes how each of the systems integrate with one another emailed to you within 48 hours.

Get clarity with the strategy package as a stand alone service for just $300 USD

or add this package to either one of our setup packages for $200 USD


Just a quick question though...



If you're unsure if Acuity is for you OR perhaps your not sure if you would benefit from our setup &/or strategy packages, then please don't hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to answer questions here. BUT, as a general rule of thumb, Acuity and the setup and strategy packages we offer here are perfect if you are a service provider of any kind! Here's a few examples:


Hair Stylist
Massage Therapist


The list goes on! And we LOVE thinking outside of the box, so don't be afraid to reach out if you have a unique business model that needs a scheduling solution!