Brand It Society is the FREE Facebook community where you can surround yourself with people just like you. People who understand what it's like to be a lady on a mission, building a business that can support the life you want.

Share what you know, get support + feel connected - this is YOUR platform!

But like all good communities, we strive to maintain a supportive, inclusive environment and we do that by sticking to these rules and guidelines. Give them a read, and if you have any questions, shoot them through here.


Sam Bell (Owner and Creator of BIS)
Gavin McDonald (Brand It Girl Business Partner)

Would you like to become an admin of BIS? I would love to hear from you. Contact me here.


This group is a strictly no promo community. This means that you may not:

  • Post links to your website or social media, Facebook group, products &/or services.

  • Create a thread to advertise your new blog post or offering; to ask for members to submit guest posts or to collaborate.

  • Ask people to comment if they want to be nominated for  “Liebster Award.”

  • Post affiliate links is prohibited at all times.

FAQ: Perhaps you are considering contacting me to ask something like "I just launched my blog, can I share a link?" If this is a question you have or if you have a question like this - then the answer is unfortunately no. 

Of course, I do want to give you a platform to share your work, so there are some exceptions.

1. If someone asks for help and you have a blog post or piece of content that answers their question, you can, in this instance, post a link to your resource for them to access.

2. I will give you the opportunity to share your links in a dedicated thread called Promo Wednesdays and this is your chance to share you latest blog posts and products! Additionally, because I know growing your social media is super important, you can share one social media platform each Friday on the Social Share Friday thread.

My final rule on promos is that under no circumstance, ANYWHERE, can you advertise your own or someone else's Facebook group. Not even on the promo threads!


This is important. You absolutely cannot be a jerk in our community. If you want to be nasty, then firstly take a long hard look at yourself and then go and find a different community. Seriously, we will just remove you from the group if you are causing a scene. So just DON'T.

This is not the place to gossip about people or to bitch and moan about a project that didn't work out or a client that is upsetting you. Sure we will always pick you up if you are feeling down, but I personally, wont stand for a community where you think naming and shaming is ok.

Likewise, no rants. We will delete any post that even remotely feels like a rant. Asking for advice is absolutely ok but ranting just puts everyone in a bad mood. Call your mum if you want to rant!


No creating videos, posting videos of yourself or streaming LIVE into the Group. If you attempt to host a Facebook LIVE session inside the group, I will remove you. These feature can be used by BIS group admins only.

This includes introductory posts - please don't post a video of you introducing yourself. Use your words.

However, I am happy for you to post a video you have found of someone else. So if you find an inspiring video, totally post it!


If you are not sure what we are talking about here, it's a thread that is started, asking people to share their link to a particular social media platform like Instagram. Basically it turns into a huge link for link thread which is great, but messy. Essentially it makes the group feel spammy and we are totally not into that!

We will have one of these per week, so that you get your fix: the Social Share Friday thread. So you can share until your heart is content there!


It's actually upsetting I have to type this. Don't be gross. I will ban you on the spot and report you to Facebook. This includes pornographic material, spam, illegal activity, unnecessarily explicit language and generally negative attitude. 


You know what I hate? When people answer a question with "I'll PM you" or "PM me for details". No. Just no. Whatever you have to say can be said in the group. The only time I will accept this is if you are sending someone your contact details and are not comfortable sharing that with everyone!


Have a rule you think I should add or change? I would love to hear it: