001 | The Brand It Girl Podcast is Here! And when in doubt, JUST BEGIN!

We are kicking off the new Brand It Girl podcast this week and I am so very excited to be sharing it with you!! I have so much good stuff planned for you all centred around online business and marketing, branding, blogging, social media, ladyboss mindset and strategies and tactics that will grow your business in no time!

We will be airing a new episode every week - Wednesdays 9AM AEST, and while the podcast will largely be replacing the blog here at Brand It Girl, the blog will still live on too, don't worry - it won't be going anywhere!

Here's what to expect on the show:

  • Online marketing strategies and tactics
  • Business and blog building tips
  • Ladyboss mindset check-ins
  • Interviews with guest-experts
  • Actionable strategies to implement
  • Free downloadable checklists, workbooks and bonus material!

See you inside!