002 | How to Create your Ladyboss Vision Board (+ How to Use It!)

In this episode of the Brand It Girl podcast we talk all about how to create your vision board and also how to use it! If you haven't heard of a vision board, you are missing out on something that's not only super fun to make but also something that will help you to stay grounded and focused!

A vision board is a tool that you can use to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals. Jump on the episode here to find out what visualisation, manifestation and vision boards can do for you and your business!

This episode is based on my original vision board blog post here. You can jump over onto YouTube and watch the video version of this episode too!

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In the video and this episode of the Brand It Girl podcast, I share how I created my vision board and explain each of my decisions in detail. In essence though, I included images of my dream home and office, my dream wedding (since I am getting married next year), my ideal self including hair, style and body, my business goals, including my desire to write a book and start a podcast, and a few material luxuries that I want like a kindle, designer handbags and pretty luggage!

Vision boards should be filled with the ideal, the ultimate. Don't be afraid to dream big and be extravagant! It's ok! I created this as an A2 poster so that I can take it to my local print store and have them print and laminate it for me.