005 | Dealing with Overwhelm, Anxiety and Depression in Online Business

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In this episode of the Brand It Girl podcast, I am bringing on my friend, Haley Burkhead from Market Beautifully, to talk about three issues that can deeply impact on solopreneurs and online business owners. These are serious issues! And by talking about this stuff my hope is that you won't feel so alone. 

In this episode we talk about overwhelm, anxiety and depression as an online business owner - all of which can be paralysing to our personal and business development. We explore these states from the perspective of personal trauma, family and friend pressure, self-perception and good ole fashion work-at-home-by-yourself loneliness!

Being proactive about your state of mind and wellbeing is the key to combatting these feeling, which I know can be crippling! Towards the end of the episode, Haley runs through 16 remedies that you can try to help alleviate some of these feelings of anxiety and depression. They include what vitamins to take, what to eat (and not eat), natural therapies to try, like reflexology, and a bunch more. You can find the full list here. She also mentioned an essential oil blend too, which you can find right here

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