007 | How to Coordinate Your Virtual Summit


In March 2017, I hosted the Ladyboss Breakthrough Summit. This summit pulled together 20 speakers from around the world to talk all things that impact Ladybosses and gave us the tools to level-up and essentially make a breakthrough in business, branding, blogging, social media, productivity and our all-important ladyboss mindset.

This Summit was the first summit I had ever created and I pulled the whole thing off in record time - in less than a month! Now, I don’t recommend that kind of turnaround: while it was surprisingly possible, it was exhausting! But I did learn a bunch of things along the way. And I know that you might be wondering how to put together your own virtual summit and maybe you don’t even realise that a virtual summit could be a strategy you could utilise in your business!

So in this episode, I am going to walk you through the five big sets of decision that you need to make. In the questions you need to ask yourself, I am also going to share my insights and experiences of each. Those five sets of decisions are:

  1. Basics | Theme, name, length and timetable
  2. Goals | Reputation, list Building, get booked, and monetization
  3. Finding and engaging your speakers | And how to put together the info pack
  4. Tech | What platform to use, video hosting and chat plugin.
  5. Promotion | Where and how you can promote the summit.

Then I will outline the timeline that I recommend for your Summit. There’s lots of moving parts when it comes to coordinating a virtual summit so I have put together a free download which outlines the entire virtual summit timeline that I will be sharing in this episode so that you can print it out and use it as a template or a blueprint for your own big event.



Platform: Wordpress/Squarespace/ClickFunnels

Video Hosting: Vimeo/Wistia/YouTubeLive/Google Hangouts

Chat: iFlyLabs