008 | Finding Your Unique Market + Reframing A Mainstream Product


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In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on my friend Jessica Principe to talk about how she managed to make a dent—and a girly one at that—in a saturated marketplace. Jessica is the genius behind All Girl Shave Club, the subscription box responsible for bringing the words “glamorous” and “shaving” together, and all the fun bits leading to this awesome enterprise.

With the abundance of products and brands out there, every new idea is at risk over being a poor imitation of an existing one. And if you’re the newcomer, your product can get swallowed whole before you can even market it UNLESS you can sell you can sell them a unique experience. In this episode, we are going to examine what it really takes to be a game changer:

  • What kind of mindset should you possess to make it out there?
  • How will you integrate your winning mindset and core values into a product to create a unique offer and market?
  • Plus the tricks to making your target market realize that your product is actually the best thing they never knew they needed!

And for the Brand It Girl Podcast listeners who are tuned in, we've got a sweet treat for you: You can take part in the fun by getting hold of your own glam products over at the All Girl Shave Club with a 10% discount courtesy of Brand It Girl and All Girl Shave Club!

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Jessica has always had a passion for small business and has worked for a company founded by her Mom for the past 14 years. Helping to build that business from the ground up gave her an even stronger desire to launch her own. She finally took the plunge and launched All Girl Shave Club in Dec 2016. What started out as a mission to make shaving more fun in her own life, quickly spiraled into a business helping other women do the same! She is married to TJ who is a full time Firefighter (and part time shave club helper!) and has two little boys, Brycen who is 6 and Caden who is 4. She loves all things business, branding, adventure and anything pink!


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