009 | Monetizing Your List

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We are bringing back friend to the show, Haley Burkhead from Market Beautifully on this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast to dive into a hot topic: monetizing your list. The term ‘monetizing your list’ is a bit trendy these days. We hear it a lot, but what does it actually mean and how do you do it? We will be answering all those questions in this episode!

If you don’t have a list, or perhaps you do and you are not utilizing it to its fullest potential, then this episode is for you!

In today’s online marketplace, there is an array of touchpoints for our community to get in contact with us and access our content so it’s really tempting to focus all your energy on growing your Facebook or Instagram and neglect your email list. But if we do this, we are essentially putting our eggs into a basket that we don’t actually own. If Facebook or Instagram ceases to exist tomorrow - say, it suddenly crashes and the error is so fatal that they can no longer reboot - you’ll lose all of the contacts you have on that platform. That’s why list building is so important. You own your list, whereas you don’t own your Facebook page followers.

So, like so many, when I realised this, I jumped right to building and growing my list. What I didn’t realise at the time was that your list are your warmest leads and can easily be converted into buyers. Why? Because they have already invested in you by giving you their email address - they trust you, they are getting to know you and they are enjoying the content you provide. And if they know, like and trust you enough to give you a piece of their inbox, they are certainly a warm lead and have a higher possibility of buying from you!

So in this episode Haley and I will talk about strategies for monetizing your list! And we talk a lot of strategy here, so to make it easier for you, Haley has broken down the tech inside The Brand It Boutique! Jump over there and get access right away!


I'm Haley and I'm obsessed with encouraging your goals to be bigger, creating strategies to where your dreams can happen and showing you how to market as beautifully as possible in the business world. I'm a fan of ladies who are entrepreneurs at their core and believe that we will make a difference together.

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