010 | The Secret to Successful Networking + Business Friendships

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In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, we unlock the secrets to successful networking and business friends for ladybosses who work from home. I used to suffer rather deeply from loneliness and isolation inside my business. I felt like no one understood what I was doing and that they didn’t appreciate how hard I work every single day. It wasn’t until I really started to network and make business relationships that some of these feelings started to go away.

In this episode, I will share exactly why you need business besties and how to find them.

Step 1 | Engage inside Facebook Groups

Join 3 or 4 Facebook groups that you can be active in and regularly engage with. You are definitely welcome to try before you buy, so join a few and then continue on in the groups that feel right to you, that offer you the support and guidance that you are looking for! And you should definitely join us inside the Brand It Society

Step 2 | Set up a call scheduler and invite people in your community for virtual coffees

My favourite tool of choice is Acuity. I love this because of the way it looks, the way it integrates with my iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar and the way that you can set up multiple forms with questionnaires and embed the form on your site. It’s been a HUGE time saver for me, and my favourite feature of all is that people can select their timezone and it converts all the times into their timezone but when they make the appointment, Acuity emails you with that appointment converted to your time. So you set your availability and it makes it easy for you to connect with people all over the world. Me being in Australia, it would be a nightmare to continually do the conversions between Australian and US timezones! I love that this tool does all that for me! Check out Acuity here.

Step 3 | Enrich those new relationships through collaboration and ongoing support

Once you have established these relationships, remember to keep in touch. Follow up with an email or a Facebook message a few days or even a week or two later and check in with your new friend.

Host an event or collaborate with your new friend. One of the best ways I have done this was through my virtual summit, the Ladyboss Breakthrough Summit, which I spoke about in episode 007.

Or you could start or join a mastermind. Meet once a month to brainstorm ideas and be accountable to one another!

Now to help you along your way to creating your network and building business friendships, I have put together a freebie for you!  It’s the cheat sheet of questions and conversation starters to get you going with your virtual coffees. These are questions and topics I find myself going to when I have a virtual coffee with a new person and have helped me to create genuine connections and learn a lot about my new friends!