012 | Work It For The Cameras! Leveraging Brand Photography


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Brand photos can make or break your brand. So it’s no surprise that as a brand stylist, I am all about the brand visuals and part of that is your brand photography.

When I talk about brand photography, I am referring to a range of different photographic styles, all of which have one thing in common: their purpose is to tell your brand story. In this episode I dive deep into why brand photography is so important, what it does in the minds and psyche of your audience and I share some of my own experiences working with professional brand photographers versus a friend with a camera or someone who specialises in other kinds of photography.

But back to those photographic styles. Brand photography includes:

Custom Styled Stock

I am sure you’ve seen all those pretty flat lay desk shots on Instagram. Well you could head over to Haute Chocolate or Creative Market and buy some stock photos - and, by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s a great way to continually post content on social media. Or you could have a stock photographer take a set of your very own custom styled stock images. These are great for not only social media, but also your website and any print collateral you might have.


Product Photos

If you are a product based business, you’ll want to display high quality images of your products. These can be placed into a flat lay, the product in action in or can be the product on it’s own, essentially appearing suspended in space. Whichever you select, the value of professional product photos cannot be underestimated!


Psst! This is a product image for my client, Tea At Henrys!


Headshots are important for all businesses including solopreneurs, service based businesses and personal brands, like speakers, educators and coaches. They are also valuable for product based businesses and people can be particularly interested in who they are buying from. A professional, natural looking headshot will become the face of your business. And if you are a personal brand, you really can’t afford not to have that sorted!



This style of brand photography is not used enough! It’s when the photographer captures the business environment, process or a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of the business. It can include you working on your craft or tapping away on your computer and this style is great for service based businesses or when a product undergoes a unique process to be created. This style of image is the fastest way to create a unique brand ‘world’ for your audience, and we talk more about that in this episode, so be sure to listen!


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