014 | Crafting A Personalised Message For Your Audience


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When you know who you are talking to, conversations flow so easier and ultimately, you can make a bigger impact. That’s why knowing your audience and using niching and bucketing is essential when it comes to crafting a personalised message for your audience.

Let me back it up. If you were going for a job interview, would you go there without any knowledge of the role, without an understanding of the business and without the slightest idea of who was interviewing you? I hope the answer is no, but surprisingly a lot of people do this.

The same goes for online business and blogging. So many people start talking at their audience on their blogs, in their emails and on social media without first understanding who these people are and what issues they have. And we are not talking about a customer avatar here! We are talking understanding their core struggles and what makes them tick to better show them that you are the one who can help them.

But what happens once you know who they are and what issues they are wrestling? In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, blog traffic expert Terra Dawn shares how crafting a personal message for her audience has transformed her business and she shows us how to get started with niching and bucketing.

What I love about this episode and Terra’s process of bucketing, is that we strip away the things that might be overwhelming you and preventing you from making real, genuine and meaningful connections with your audience.

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Terra Dawn is the owner and blogger over at UncorkYourDork.com.  She teaches bloggers how to increase their traffic through blog challenges, opt-ins, event launches and their CRAZY unique personalities.  In addition to blogging over at UCYD, she's also the creator of The Blogger's Guide to Traffic!  A unique online community of over 15 full courses, quick trainings and live events...100% dedicated to helping you find your voice, your audience and your perfect platforms.  

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