022 | How To Bosscation: Overcome Business Blocks And See Progress And Success


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What if I told you that you could actually be the one holding yourself back from making progress and finding success in your business? I know that’s a daunting thought. Believe me, I have been on the other end; realising that I was getting in my own way and essentially blocking the abundance and success I was searching for!

In today’s episode, I am bringing on Lauren Black to talk to us about the seven business blocks you might me (and likely are!) suffering from and how to flip every single one of them on their heads!

Lauren is also the creator of Bosscation, and if you don’t know what Bosscation is, it’s essentially a business retreat in a box. What I love about the Bosscation's concept is that it’s all about creation rather than editing. When we are in front of the computer, we are basically in edit mode - we edit our thoughts, write over the top, and we lose touch with what we were trying to achieve. The Bosscation encourages us to step away from the computer, from our office and even, if you feel it would benefit you, away from your house and offers us an environment where we can create.

So join us for this episode where Lauren unpacks these seven business blocks and how Bosscation could help you finally break free!

Hint: One of the blocks is all about decision-making (and how terribly hard it can be to make decisions sometimes!). Lauren’s put together a wonderful decision making workbook and you can grab that below!



Lauren Black is a creative strategist who helps female entrepreneurs gain success without the stress. After dealing with burnout in her brand design business, Lauren is now dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and aligned with their purpose. Her burnout led to the creation of Bosscation, a business retreat in a box to help entrepreneurs escape from their daily grind to strategically plan for their business and take action on their ideas.

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