024 | Stories That Sell: The Role of Stories in Selling and Attracting Your Dream Client with Ardelia Lee


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We have all experienced those TV and YouTube ads that have stopped us in our tracks and suddenly we are absorbed in a created world that makes us feel something. We don’t hit mute, we don’t change the channel and we don’t ‘skip to video’ because we are involved in something. Something that we need to see through to the end. Something that we feel connected to. This is the power of stories in selling and attracting your dream client.

When we are presented with a story in a selling environment, something really interesting happens in our brains as consumers. We feel a deep connection and we identify with what’s happening. And that story is what embeds the product into our consciousness so that next time we have a problem that needs solving like that which was presented through the story, we are far likely to think of the associated brand.

In today’s episode, special guest, Ardelia Lee shares why and how stories sell and make those valuable connections. She walks through exactly where to start when crafting your brand stories and the three stages to a story that converts.

And while you are listening to this episode consider where you could use stories in your own brand. It could be:

  • Your website homepage

  • Your about page

  • Services/work with me page

  • Sales page

  • Facebook advertising

  • Instagram captions

  • YouTube videos

  • Emails to your list

Pretty much any point of contact with your ideal client would work! So the opportunities to use stories inside your brand are endless! And the part I love most is that we all have stories to draw from! You don’t have to come up with anything elaborate, sometimes the stories that make the deepest connections are the very human, mundane stories and I know we all have those to share!




Ardelia Lee is a story strategist for online entrepreneurs. She helps her clients dig deep, look within (and sometimes without), and find the stories that will help them create deeper connections with their audience, convert more dream clients, and grow their impact.

She works with her clients to bring their unique, inspiring stories to the forefront of their business by showing them how to use their experiences, wins, and failures strategically in their sales content and their everyday content.

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