025 | LA In Review: Masterminds, Meetups, Summits. Oh My!


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It's a cool moment when you can pull out a dream from your dream jar because it's finally happened. It's a moment of triumph, a little (or sometimes massive!) victory that puts a massive smile on your face. That's how I felt pulling out a completed dream from my dream jar this week.

I've been home for two weeks now and it's true, in alot of ways it feels like I never actually left! But I did and it was to head over to LA to speak at and record for the 2018 Visibility Summit all about Systems Mastery - and I wont speak to much about that now, but I will definitely tell you about it soon!! I also went to LA for other reasons - to meet up with my mastermind, to meet with a client and to travel by myself for the first time.

So this episode is a recap of all the fun and adventures of my trip to LA along with some personal and business lessons that really hit home - and I think they are lessons that might resonate with you too!