026 | Establishing Yourself as an Authority in Your Field


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When you start out in online business, being an authority in your field most likely crossed your mind - it’s the goal, right? We all want to be recognised for our zone of genius. And we all have a zone of genius - for some people it’s all about being great an array of things, for others the focus is finding that one thing that we are passionate about, that people know, like and trust us with, and that we can elevate to the level of authority we are seeking!

As a brand stylist and strategist, I am fascinated with how authority building works and more specifically how that integrates with your brand. So in this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on Kamila Gornia to talk to us about establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

The thing I love most in this episode is when Kamila talks about the triangle of trust. So be sure to pay extra attention to that and see if you can identify which level of the pyramid you currently site. Kamila shares that most of us are Generalists and the key to moving up through the levels, from Generalist to Specialist, then to Expert and Celebrity Expert is taking action and being visible.

To learn more about the triangle of trust and to understand the requirements for moving from one level to the next that will help you to establish yourself as an authority in your field, be sure to listen on iTunes!



Kamila Gornia is a powerhouse digital marketing strategist for modern entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid online doing what they love so they become leaders in their space and blow up the Internet with their message. An unapologetically edgy tattooed redhead who values real results and keepin’ it real, Kamila’s on a mission to help other passionate, driven entrepreneurs spread their unique message to a broader audience with digital marketing. (Or, as she calls it, scale up and blow up).

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