029 | Building A Business Based On Collaborations


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So you know you want to start on online business. Perhaps you are sick and tired of the 9-5 work you’re doing and over the office politics. Perhaps it’s the commute that’s got you down and you are fed up with wasting time driving to and from the office. Or maybe you have other big WHYs, like you’re starting a family and want to be home with the kids, you want to move out bush and away from the big city or maybe you have health and well-being reasons.

Whatever your reason, once you’ve made that decision to jump into online business, it can be tempting to do it all and offer everything to your customers. I think there’s a definitely allure for customers when they can find a one-stop shop, but that could be causing you way more angst and anxiety than it needs to. You end up dreading a part of your service or you feel overwhelmed by the array of things you need to do inside the business.

I am happy to tell you that there’s another way! So in this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on Krista Rae! She’s a strategic Wordpress developer and she’s build an entire business that is based and powered by collaboration! We will be talking about how collaboration based businesses work and we will equip you with all the tools you need to ensure that your collaborations work efficiently!



Krista is a WordPress developer who specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients' goals, while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing design. Through WordPress development and website strategy consulting, she’ll help you create websites your clients will love for years to come.

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