030 | The Essentials For #Ladyboss Travel (Plus A Few Extra Tips!)


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I am a huge fan of traveling and while I might like the thought of leaving my business behind, it’s not always possible and it certainly can make me feel a little anxious if I spend too long away from my business. Plus some trip are specifically for business, so they automatically classify as #Ladyboss travel, but I find that all the travel I have done over the last few years are #Ladyboss trips, and it’s important to be prepared!

In this episode, I share with you my top tips and essentials for #Ladyboss travel and I also mention one of my favourite travel accessories - the Sudio Sweden Regent headphones. I am in love with these! And the company have very kindly agreed to give listeners of the Brand It Girl Podcast a 15% discount when you use the code BRANDIT at checkout!