031 | Understand Your Productivity Archetype and Increase Your Productivity


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Did you know that your productivity style is something that has a name and particular qualities? Something that you can leverage and use to increase your productivity? This blew my mind! Today’s Brand It Girl Podcast special guest, Alyssa Coleman, makes it easy to discover your productivity archetype so that you can make strategic decisions about your productivity strategy and really take your business to the next level! Take the productivity archetype quiz here

In this episode, we also talk about about the productivity traps that you might be falling into and how you can stop it from happening. Things like shiny object syndrome, where you get distracted by all the latest tactics and strategies because you haven’t pre-defined your action items for the day. Or how a lack of boundaries can mean that your family and friends have free range to distract you through the day.

My favourite trap that we discussed was our tendency to cross as many things of our to-do list as possible and how this often means that we are working on the easy, quick win tasks and ignoring higher level CEO tasks that will really move our businesses forward. Alyssa explains how your productivity plan is crucial in ensuring that you are focusing on your CEO level tasks first so that by the end of the week you feel like you’ve achieved incredible things!

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Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for female entrepreneurs, and founder of The Productive Entrepreneur. She’s the creator of The Game Changer Series where she interviews female entrepreneurs on Modern entrepreneurship, and hosts holistic productivity events for global companies like Lululemon.

Alyssa also has an online community of Free-Spirited Babes who she helps to work fewer hours in business, while getting more done, and making a bigger impact (and more money).

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