033 | 5 Ways to Fight Decision Fatigue


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On a daily basis, you need to make a whole range of decisions - some are semi-automatic and unconscious, some are big and have serious implications for your life and your business. And sometimes, the sheer volume of decisions that you need to make get really overwhelming and it starts to feel impossible to make any decisions, let alone the right decisions!

When it starts to feel like this, you have decision fatigue.

For me it shows up in a few ways:

  • I’ll go back and forth between options and just when I think I am sold on one, I’ll switch and start looking at another.

  • I’ll get easily distracted and find myself procrastinating, wasting time and not being awfully productive - in any area of my life!

  • And when I get really overwhelmed, I will even start to get a little depressed and will start to feel hopeless.

And that last one: feeling hopeless and depressed - that’s when I know I need to start to fight decision fatigue!

In this episode, I will talk you through my top 5 ways (plus a sneak bonus method) that I have found to effectively fight decision fatigue!

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