035 | How To Survive The Facebook Apocalypse ( + Why It's A Good Thing!)


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Lately, there has been mass panic around what I am calling the Facebook apocalypse, but I want to make it clear that I don’t think you should be freaking out! Things aren’t changing too much and honestly, the changes that are coming are actually a good thing!

But it’s no surprise to me that with all the scary headlines roaming around that people are freaking out a little bit and the group that we are being told will be most impacted by the change are news and media organisations and brands.

Basically, as online business owners - it will impact us and the way that we use this platform.

So I wanted in this episode I break it down and explain what these changes are that Mark Zuckerberg announced last week so that it makes sense to you, so that it’s not as scary and so that you can take a really honest look at how you are using Facebook and make the changes you need to make now so that this platform still works for you!

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