Behind The Scenes Of My Membership Rebrand & Rebuild [Episode 041]

Behind The Scenes of my Membership Rebrand & Rebuild

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In this episode, I am pulling back the Brand It Girl curtains and giving you a full behind the scenes look at how I redesigned my membership site. And that included a full rebrand and redesign from The Brand It Boutique to The Breakthrough Year!

I will share all the juicy details of the moment (when I was sitting in Japan, writing a book proposal) that I decided that I needed to pivot with my current membership at the time to include a new framework I had developed. But I don't JUST share my own journey and reasons behind by I created The Breakthrough Year!

I also share how to know when to pivot on a product or service you have and there's two really clear things you can look out for to know if it's time! I also share a bunch of tips on how to pivot, including who you should talk to and what questions to ask yourself!

Then we have a look at the 6 step process I went through when I was rebranding, redesigning and relaunching the membership. At each point I will show you what I did and give you insights into how it helped me create a strong product.

Then finally, before we wrap up, I will share the 5 big mistakes that you want to avoid when pivoting and redesigning an existing product. And I tell you exactly where I messed up and what that meant for me!

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