The Storytelling Method To Sell Out Your Product, Service Or Program [Episode 042]

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In this episode I get vulnerable as I take you behind-the-scenes into my session with marketing and story strategist, Christie Bilbrey, where she takes me through the process of her new and unique storytelling method. In this episode, you’ll see first hand how to leverage your most valuable, yet priceless asset to sell out your product, service or program: your story.

On Christie’s website, she shares the 5 secrets to successfully growing your business with stories: study your audience, share from the heart, be vulnerable, be bold and be consistent - and while these seem like 5 really simple steps or key takeaways, for so many people, telling your OWN story is really confronting, really difficult and I know that a lot of people might even feel that it’s impossible, so the big question is “how do we do it?”.

And that’s why I wanted to bring Christie on the show to work with me using her storytelling discovery method.

It's also important to know that we actually had a memory prompt brainstorm session the week before recording this episode. So the main story extraction took place before this session. In this episode though, you'll see how Christie pulls all the threads together to create a compelling relatable story and along the way she explains the crucial elements of the story arc!

After the episode is finished, Christie drafted up my story and together we worked through it in Google Docs to refine and polish it further! To see the finished product, simply enter your details below and we will send you the story:

If you'd like to go through this process too, visit Christie over at her website or take a look at her online course Stories that Convert to do it yourself!



Christie Bilbrey is a marketing & story strategist. After focusing exclusively on marketing
strategy for much of her career, she realized more was needed to truly stand apart from the
competition, engage an audience, and influence buying decisions. She had an aha moment realizing that effective storytelling separated superstar entrepreneurs from the rest.

Christie spent a year studying story techniques from screenwriters, authors, and business writers to develop a method that teaches business owners the skill of storytelling, to help them stand out from the competition in the only way possible – by sharing who they are based on their life’s stories.

She now teaches business owners to view their stories differently, developing their confidence
while sharing their heart, expertise, and journey in well-packaged stories sprinkled throughout
their marketing. In essence, Christie teaches how to turn personal stories into a potent, effective sales tool.

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