Stop Creating! How To Make An Impact With The Offering You've Got [Episode 043]


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In the online entrepreneurial space, I am seeing a trend. And that trend is to create a product, service or program, promote it once (perhaps get frustrated that it doesn't perform how you'd like it to OR you get inspired by a new idea) and then create something new. I get it, we get a little restless! With so many ideas and so many different options (shiny object syndrome, anyone?) it is tempting to move on to your next offering quickly without giving your current offering time to breath, mature and blossom into the success story that it could be.

The issue is that you are constantly in a state of create rather than promote. And this is draining! You don't make the kind of revenue that you're looking for and you're working harder and harder rather than leveraging what you've got!

This is a BIG mistake we make when we first start out in online business and it could be severely impacting your earning potential.

In this episode we explore why constantly creating instead of focusing on the one offering is a big mistakes and ultimately, why it's a disservice to your customers. We then look at the 6 ways that you can leverage the offering that you've got and make a big impact!

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