3 Things You Should Be Planning Out Each Quarter For Maximum Business Success! [Episode 044]


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I love planning my business according to quarters of the year. So if you look at your calendar, you can break the year into four quarters, each being around 90 days in total. It's currently the beginning of April and we are about to start a new quarter - Quarter 2, 2018. And the new quarter is the perfect time to do some hardcore planning that will maximise your business's potential for success!

In this episode, I recommend 3 things that you should really be planning each quarter. And these 3 things will make a huge impact on your business, your revenue and what you produce. We cover:

  • The Quarterly Project/Goal Planning Method
  • The Content Editorial Calendar Planning Method
  • The Social Media Content Planning Method

You'll walk away knowing exactly why planning out your goals/projects, your content and your social media each quarter is such a gamechanger and I will share how I am doing it to give you actionable strategies to do it yourself!

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