How To Land Your First (Or Next) Client This Month [Episode 045]


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So you have something awesome to offer people - it's a service that you have packaged up for your clients or perhaps a product that you know they will love. Your website is done, business cards printed and you're ready for business. But how do you find your first client?

Even if you're not just starting out - perhaps you have been in business for a little while - sometimes it can feel like a struggle to find clients. But there's three areas you can focus on that will help you to land and book your first (or next) client in the next 30 days.

And the best part - none of the tactics I am going to share with you are about being salesy!! The last thing I want is for you (and your clients) to feel like you are being pushy!!

We talk about how you can get exposure; how to leverage your network in a non-salesy way; and how social and visual proof impact on the decision making process of your clients. The tactics I share under the banners of exposure, network and proof will help you to authentically build up that know, like, trust factor that is just so important when it comes to booking clients!