Podcasting, Clients Who Don’t Book and Higher Education - Q&A Session [Episode 046]


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This week I am tackling three questions from members of my Facebook group (Brand It Society) and Instagram Followers. I wanted to make sure I was answering YOUR questions so I posted on Instagram and in the group asking for questions that you wanted answered and I got a heap of questions. So on this episode I am answering three of them!

The first question by Tessa Wright was on podcasting frequency:
Hi Sam! I’ve just finished listening to your podcast on podcasts. I’ve been inspired to start my own. My question is how often should episodes be released. I don’t want to do one every week and run out of content but I also don’t want to do monthly and have people forget about me?

The second question by Emily Barnes was all about dealing with clients that say you’re too expensive after they enquire:
Sam..I tend to struggle at sales and find it difficult to secure a client, especially when they say "I can't afford it" or "It's way out of my budget". I would love to know how to deal with this in a way that i'm not being too pushy, but i'm being understanding and I want to help them because I can see how much I would benefit them 🙂 Most of my enquires are about learning more about my services or my packages. I send them an information package on what kind of service they're after then I try to book them in for a free consultation call where I would talk about how I can help them, how they could benefit from me and work out a package especially designed for them. This is where they respond "too expensive" or "way out of my budget". They don't seem to be interested in a free consultation call. I guess I also get a bit disappointed too as my prices are quite cheap compared to my competitors.

And the third and final question I answer in this episode was from Beth Brewer. She asked about the value of attending uni:
I have a questions I’d love to hear your opinion on! It’s the good old “do you think uni is really super important for the marketing industry?” At the moment I’m mostly self taught and learning on the job in my marketing role but there is that fear in the back of my head that there is only so far I may be able to go in my career before not having a degree stops me in my tracks. I’d love to hear you speak about starting off your career, most common starter mistakes, how to gain VALUABLE experience without University, if uni really is essential in this field and also what courses/seminars/podcasts/workshops etc you would recommend for those starting out in this industry who are doing it themselves. 

I share my own experiences in answer to all three questions, drop some truth bombs and give you actionable strategies for if you are struggling with similar questions or concerns!