Taking A Spiritual Approach To Business: Visualisation, Manifestation And Alignment [Episode 048]


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Have you ever felt like you were pushing in your business to make it happen? Perhaps you are struggling with stress, overwhelm or just not feeling 100% right with what you were doing. You might also be making every excuse under the sun to not succeed. Could it be that you are not spiritually aligned with your business?

What if I told you that we are meant to be rich, we are meant to be successful and things are meant to be easy in our business. I know for so many of us, this feel completely outside the realm of possibility but in this episode, special guest Amber-Lee Lyons from The Chakra Girl Co introduces us to how our energies, chakras and the power of the universe impact on our lives, our health and our businesses!

She shows us how to have faith and trust in the universe; how to take aligned action to make it happen; and how to leverage visualisation and manifestation to get exactly what we want!



Amber-Lee Lyons is your go-to Chaka Girl and Spiritual BFF who keeps things zen while supporting you in living you #bestlife.

She's the founder and CEO of The Chakra Girl Co a platform for the modern, spiritual woman who sometimes puts vodka in her green juice. #BALANCE. Amber-Lee dishes everything
from manifesting a new handbag to using healing crystal vibes to bringing abundance into your life.

She is also the host of Chakra Girl Radio is an uncut look into the lives of today's influencers to create real conversation about spirituality, modern-girl problems and the balance between Gurus and Gucci. She's getting real about the chaos, mistakes, and meltdowns that come along with success. While also keeping it light with celebrity gossip, and beauty + fashion tips. #Balance

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