Adding Google Analytics to Squarespace

As you might know, I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace a while ago now and the move has made me really passionate about sharing how simple, yet dynamic Squarespace is! Quite some time ago, I shared a guide to adding Google Analytics to Wordpress and so today, I will be walking you through the same thing on Squarespace.


In Google Analytics, you will find a unique tracking code which is essentially the key to successfully tracking your metrics. So before you even open Squarespace, you will want to navigate over to Google Analytics and find this snippet of code. Signing up for this is free, and once you are signed up and inside the dashboard, find the Admin tab at the top. You will see Tracking Info in the middle column and once you click on that, a further menu will open where you will find Tracking Code. Click on this.

Once you have opened this page, you will see your unique tracking code that will start with UA and is followed by a series of numbers. You can see an example of this page below, but I have blacked out my tracking code, so it should give you a quick visual reference where to find your own code:

Now that you have that tracking code - I recommend copying it to your clipboard (Command + C on your keyboard) so that you can easily paste it in when you need to.


So you have your tracking code copies. It's time to log into your Squarespace site. Once your are in the backend of your site, you will want to click the Settings tab on the left hand side dashboard and then scroll down around half way down the menu. You will see there an Advanced tab. Click on this and select External Services.

See where it says Google Analytics Account Number? Well that is where you paste in that tracking code. Since you copied it with your keyboard, you will just need to paste (Command + V) the code into the field and it's all done!

Note that it will take a day or two before your Google Analytics populate, so don't be alarmed if it flat lines - especially if you are transferring your website from a different platform over to Squarespace! Furthermore, remember that Squarespace does offer it's own metrics and sometimes they can be different to the metrics Google Analytics give you. This is because Google Analytics and Squarespace measure things a little differently to one another and this will impact on your numbers.

But that's all! You've successfully installed Google Analytics on your Squarespace site! 

Is there something you would like to learn when it come to Squarespace? Pop in a comment below and I will schedule a blog post! So tell me, what do you want to learn next? (And don't forget to leave your URL so I can visit you too!)