Plan It Girl! Get Organised with the 2016/17 Life + Business Workbook

It's that crazy time of year again where we wind down the year that's been and get ready for the year to come. I always find this to be an exciting time, one filled with new possibilities and fresh perspectives. I am also a chronic planner, so once again, Brand It Girl is releasing the annual Life + Business Workbook to help you reflect on 2016 and get ready for success in 2017!

And just like last year, it's absolutely FREE! It's a reward for you because you've been such a loyal follower of the blog all year. And if you only just found me, well then, consider this a welcome gift!

The 2016/17 Life + Business workbook has so many great features. It allows you to reflect on what you achieved this, making note of end of year social media numbers, current health and fitness status and gives you a chance to take stock of what has happened in your business. The workbook then helps you to plan your personal and business goals for the new year, so you are starting 2017 on the right foot! Set strategies and actionable steps for success throughout the year and keep track with a monthly goal tracking notebook.

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  • Business Lessons
  • Business SWOT Analysis
  • Social Media Check-in
  • Top Selling Strategies
  • Finance Recap
  • Things you have Achieved
  • Lessons you've Learnt
  • Celebrating Personal Wins
  • Health and Fitness Check-in
  • Business Accomplishments


  • Social Media Goals and Strategies
  • Finance Goals and Account Structure
  • Why you are saving - the bigger picture
  • Time Management
  • 2016 Mission Statement
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Monthly Goal Tracking
  • Personal Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Creative, Family, Friendship Goals
  • Habit Breaking Goals
  • Word for 2016
  • Health and Fitness Goals
  • Business Mission Success Strategy


It's unbranded! I haven't put my name or url on any of the main pages. The workbook does include four tear out instruction pages which include my URL, but these are able to be removed and all traces of my brand will be gone, leaving just you and your life and business planning! So you can feel like this workbook was made just for you!


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