Podcasting, Clients Who Don’t Book and Higher Education - Q&A Session [Episode 046]

This week I am tackling three questions from members of my Facebook group (Brand It Society) and Instagram Followers. I wanted to make sure I was answering YOUR questions so I posted on Instagram and in the group asking for questions that you wanted answered and I got a heap of questions. So on this episode I am answering three of them!

009 | Monetizing Your List

009 | Monetizing Your List

We are bringing back friend to the show, Haley Burkhead from Market Beautifully on this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast to dive into a hot topic: monetizing your list. The term ‘monetizing your list’ is a bit trendy these days. We hear it a lot, but what does it actually mean and how do you do it? We will be answering all those questions in this episode!

008 | Finding Your Unique Market + Reframing A Mainstream Product

008 | Finding Your Unique Market + Reframing A Mainstream Product

In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on my friend, Jessica Principe, to talk about how she managed to make a dent—and a girly one at that—at a saturated marketplace. Jessica is the genius behind All Girl Shave Club, the subscription box responsible for bringing the words “glamorous” and “shaving” together, and all the fun bits leading to this awesome enterprise.

006 | Leveraging Launch Strategies in Your Business

In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, we will be talking about something that can often feel a bit mysterious, a bit overwhelming and a big bit confusing: launch strategies. Today I am bringing on my friend, Kate Boyd, to talk all thing launch strategies and to teach us how to leverage launch strategies in your business.

Kate is a launch and marketing strategist and we recently met on Instagram where she really caught my attention with her pre-launch strategy. In this episode we look at:

  • What is launching?

  • When you need a launch strategy.

  • The different kinds of launching - soft and hard.

  • Why is a launch strategy important/what can happen when you don’t have a launch strategy

  • The 3 phases of launching.

  • How can we amplify our results and build long-term, ongoing relationships with our community.

Tune in to listen!




Kate is a launch + marketing strategist who helps women building online businesses to make a bigger impact with less hustle by optimizing, automating, and delegating the marketing tasks they don't enjoy. She combines a journalism degree, 3 years of online business experience, and 5+ years in non-profit marketing to help others grow, nurture, and mobilize their tribes so they can have success and have time to enjoy it too.

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003 | The 5 Brand Elements you Need for your Blog

In this episode of the Brand It Girl podcast, we are sinking our teeth into the 5 brand elements that you need for your blog! Blogs can be incredibly helpful for your business - it can establish you as an expert, it can help you to grow a community or tribe, it drives new traffic to your website and can improve your SEO. But what branded elements do you need for your blog?

002 | How to Create your Ladyboss Vision Board (+ How to Use It!)

002 | How to Create your Ladyboss Vision Board (+ How to Use It!)

In this episode of the Brand It Girl podcast we talk all about how to create your vision board and also how to use it! If you haven't heard of a vision board, you are missing out on something that's not only super fun to make but also something that will help you to stay grounded and focused!

A vision board is a tool that you can use to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals. Jump on the episode here to find out what visualisation, manifestation and vision boards can do for you and your business!