Get On Schedule: Blog + Social Media Scheduling Tools


We are all looking for ways to free up more time for what's really important!! So here are a few great tools for scheduling your blog and social media posts that will help you save time, be more organised and provide your clarity of content!


Platform? Instagram What is it? This tool lets you easily schedule Instagram posts and upload photos from both web and phone. You can manage this tool from both your computer and your phone making it a really flexible tool. You will need to download an app from the App Store if using this on iOS. Cost? Free

CoSchedule |

Platform? Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Tumbler What is it? This is a super dynamic Wordpress Plugin which allows you to schedule not only your blog posts but also your social media posts. It is streamline and simple to use with the drag and drop function. This does cost money, but for serious bloggers and small businesses, this could be a real time saver and worth the money. Cost? $10/Month or $100/Year

Viraltag |

Platform? Pinterest What is it? This is a Pinterest management tool which allows you to schedule your pins! You are able to pick up your website content or this tool also allows you to upload original content. It also includes publishing tools which allow you to crop, add effects and text cues and overlay quotes before you upload. The other neat thing about this tool is it gives you insights into the performance of your pins. Cost? Free to connect up to 3 social networks. The pro plan is $29/Month and allows up to 10.


Platform? Social Media What is it? This is a real-time management app that allows you to read and interact with the people you are following while also allowing you to schedule posts across a range of platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn etc. It's a bit of an ugly tool but very effective, easy to use and fool proof. Cost? Free

Tweetdeck |

Platform? Twitter What is it? This is another Twitter tool which is great for real-time tracking, organising and engagement. You can schedule posts and interact with your followers easily. Very similar to HootSuite, but perhaps more attractive. You can also mute certain users or terms which is great for eliminating unwanted noise. Cost? Free


Platform? Instagram What is it? Iconosquare (formally Statigram) is not a scheduling tool, but I thought I would include it anyway. It's a stat provider for Instagram. You can have access to a huge amount of information from which posts get the most engagement, to what your most used tag and filters are. You can also use this tool as a web viewer for your Instagram feed, allowing you to like and comment on people's posts. This tool has a bunch of other features too, so it is definitely worth exploring. Cost? Free