Rebrand or Brand Update: What's the Difference


I recently posted about my rebrand from Sam Bell Creative to Brand IT Girl and this got me thinking: sometimes people get a little confused between the two concepts and so today, let's work it out.

Think of a Brand Update as a haircut, perhaps some new makeup and a new set of clothes. A Rebrand, on the other hand, is more like changing your name and creating a new identity!

So how do you know what's what?


A rebrand changes the identity of a existing business, and repositions the business in the minds of current and potential clients. Rebrands involve the following:

  • You would consider changing the business name or part of the business name.
  • You would also redesign your logo and elements that make up the brand identity.
  • You would need a new email address and website URL to reflect these changes.
  • You would need to rebrand your Social Media or start new accounts.
  • You would require a new and unique product and service range, or update your existing offering.

You may decided to pay tribute or nod back to the old brand, but rebrands mean that you will not carry over the original brand identity in an formal way when designing the new brand.

You can tackle rebrands yourself or hire a designer, brand strategist or even a business coach - either way, a rebrand is the perfect time to correct mistakes, implement lessons you have learnt and to ensure you and your customers love your future brand.


Brand updates, on the other hand, are not so dramatic (not that drama is neccessarily bad!). Brand updates keep the original identity of the brand but updates the image to be more relevant to your customers, clients and readers. A few ways you could update your brand:

  • You may like to redesign your logo to better reprenent your business and attract new customers.
  • A website facelift may be all that you need to update your business.
  • You may choose to get new brand photos - either taking your own images or hiring a photographer!

Like when you rebrand, you can correct mistakes here but the idea of a brand update is that the brand identity stays fundamentally unchanged and instead it is simply refreshed to be more relevant for the clients and customers that you want to attract. Brand updates can often be cheaper to implement than a rebrand, however updates do limit you by requiring you to stay in line with the original brand. You may choose to engage a designer but could also do this yourself by making your own graphics, using premade website themes or by searching through Etsy for premade logos and site graphics.

Are you considering rebranding or updating your brand? There are heaps of great designers out there and Brand IT Girl offers services that can help you too! Drop me a line and we can discuss working together!