The 5-Day Brand Clarity Quick Course is here!

Since moving my website over to Squarespace, and all the changes I have made lately too, I have been working on a brand new opt-in offer for you. It's a totally free course that is designed to help you reach a point of brand clarity! 

Let me ask you a question?

Do you wake up in the morning and feel a flutter of nervous energy because you know you are living a life that is perfect for you. You know that your brand makes a difference in the lives of others and you are proud to get out of the house and tell everyone you meet about the great mission your brand has.

If not, then I am sad for you. This is exactly how I feel about my brand. And it's how I want you to feel too.

You might be feeling flat, disconnected, uninterested or even embarrassed about your brand - and I don't want that for you! You deserve to have a brand that makes you feel excited and engaged. And while a good brand will never be easy - I promise, growing an amazing brand is hard work - if you're heart is in it and your brand is right for you, it will be easy to put in that hard work.

Let me introduce you to the course. I am so excited to share it with you! There is also a Facebook group you can join and there will be a prompt for each day there! But first, let me tell you what you can expect!


The 5-Day Brand Clarity Quick Course is designed to give a fresh perspective on your brand and where you could be going wrong. The course will shine a spotlight on the parts of your branding that make you feel uncomfortable and will give you ideas for branding elements that you may not have thought about before! The course will also give you strategies and tactics for making your brand identity stronger and more in line with what you and and your target market really wants!

In short, this FREE course will give you the clarity you need to reignite that love affair you should have with your brand. 

And if you are really starting to burn out with your brand - it could just be the very thing you need to save it! 


This course runs over 5 days, with an email each day being delivered straight to your inbox. You will find in each email:

  • A video, where I will be talking you through the lesson.
  • A downloadable workbook to accompany each of the five lessons.
  • And a question or conversation prompt that will get you connecting with other participants on Facebook. 

On each of the 5 days we will audit a different part of your brand: 

Day 1: You will conduct a brand audit to get to the bottom of how you really feel about your brand and what that means.

Day 2: With a client audit, you will uncover and solidify what you know about your client and identify any gaps in your knowledge.

Day 3: During this visual branding audit you will assess all aspects of your visual branding, from your logo to your business card, plus lots more like your brand photography.

Day 4: We will then undertake a website audit to discover how you feel about your online presence and identify ways to improve it! 

Day 5: On the last day, we will draw out key strategies for moving forward.

This course is self-directed, so you can start at any time and go at your own pace!


The 5-Day BCQC is for anyone who has a brand! Whether you are just starting out or your brand is established, this course is perfect for everyone. How do you know if it is for you? Well, let's see:

  • Are you struggling to connect with your brand?
  • Did you used to be excited about your brand, but now you are feeling flat?
  • Maybe you feel you are not engaging with the right clients?
  • Or perhaps if you are just starting out with your brand, you just don't know where to start?

If any of these sound like you, then this is the course for you. It will step you through questions, activities and ideas that will give you brand clarity in only 5 days!


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