A Membership with Monthly Trainings, Wellbeing Resources + A Community of Ladybosses?

It's an exciting time here at Brand It Girl HQ. We have just launched our brand new membership site, The Brand It Boutique and it's doing so well, we have members starting to come in already! 

I created The Boutique because I know that there are three main reasons that women either don't starting their own online businesses and blogs or that they fail to growing those businesses and blogs sustainably:

    They either don't have the skills or knowledge that they need to get it started or to grow and develop using specific growth strategies like email list building, funnels, social media and systems. OR they know that they need these skills but they don't have the time to trawl through the internet, trying to find the answers and the be honest, they don't have the money to take a course on every topic!
    Another huge issue is mindset. They don't believe that they can or they don't think that they are worthy of success in this way. A big part of this is the dreaded Imposter Syndrome that traps us into believing that we don't really have the knowledge and skill that logically, we know that we do! Their mindset and physical health is often the reason women don't propel forward into their purpose!
    And lastly, being an online business owner, solopreneur &/or blogger can be terribly lonely. We often work from home on our own and it can be isolating! Friends and family don't necessarily understand what you are trying to build and why and this can mean that women taking this path are left feeling unsupported and like they are tackling this alone!

With these three big issues in mind, The Boutique was created based on these three pillars: education, wellbeing and support.



The Boutique is a monthly membership site that is designed to teach you what you need to know and support you through all the different stages of starting, growing and developing your online business & blog. It includes:

  • Monthly Trainings on topics like: launching your online business, maximising content, email list building, effective planning strategies, starting your VA company and more! I will be delivering trainings and I'll also be bringing in guest expert trainers to teach on the topics they specialise in!
  • Monthly Downloads: I believe in taking an holistic approach to online being a #Ladyboss, so there will also be short monthly exercise videos put together by guest trainer, Robin Long; monthly snack recipes so you are eating health at your desk; and a monthly mindset kit with downloadable prints and wallpapers.
  • Members Lounge: a community forum where you can get to know women just like you who are putting their hearts and souls into their online businesses and blogs - who understand where you are coming from and who are psyched to support you and cheer you on.


  • Get Featured: Each fortnight, we will feature spotlight a different Boutique Member to get you noticed and to share your story with other members. You can expect to be showcased in the footer area of the Boutique which will link to your feature profile. Here you can share your story, your boutique successes and link to your website and social media platforms. You’re feature will also be linked to in the weekly Boutique Magazine email!
  • The Boutique Magazine: This is the weekly email that will hit your inbox to keep you up to date with all the Boutique gossip and to share any updates and upcoming events. It will also serve as an additional resource for information!
  • Additional Training and Masterclasses: From time to time I will also provide you with additional trainings and masterclasses - sometimes in the form of a webinar or a Facebook Live inside the Members lounge. These will be to answer pressing member questions or to walk you through bonus trainings!
  • Mentoring and Masterminding: Through the Members Lounge you can seek out mentorship, coaching and ask advice from both me and other members of the community. Have a problem? Post it in the Lounge and let us mastermind with you to find a solution!



So this is the best part: I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for you, so I made this SUPER cheap. Just $15 a month.


That's right, for less than the price of your weekly coffees, you can get monthly trainings, mind and body resources, a support community and more. Just $15 a month.

There you have it, we would LOVE to have you inside the Boutique. Join now and become a foundational member inside the Boutique! If you have any questions leave a comment or come and join us now!