Welcome to Brand IT Girl and Why I Rebranded


Some of you reading this would have been followers of Sam Bell Creative. SBC was a design and branding studio that offered bespoke design but didn't have the scope (and heart) for future growth.


Brand IT Girl offers a range of Premade Genesis Child theme for you to use on your website. We also offer an installation service and customisation services to help you create the website you want.

We still offer full custom branding and design services, so regardless of what you are looking for, we have you covered!

A mission of Brand IT Girl is to offer full transparency to my readers. I want to show you my process and share my secrets and all the things I have learnt along the way! So with that being said, there are a few key reasons for this rebrand:


I felt really confused by my SBC brand. I didn't feel connected with the brand identity and so it was impossible for me to expect others to feel the connection that I wanted to create. I felt like I covered everything and nothing on my blog. Looking back over the categories, I had everything from design, business advice, interior decorating, fashion and life tips and tricks - it was too broad! I felt like a mess and I am sure that's how many of my readers saw my site too (particularly the blog)!

Brand IT Girl offers a narrowed focus, writing specifically for the ladypreneur and creative entrepreneur. The blog topics have been focused down to the following:


The SBC brand identity was flat. I felt like it didn't have a voice and it certainly didn't speak to me, let alone anyone else. I wanted to develop a brand that really reflected your interests and aesthetics and a brand that reflected my own personality and values.

Brand IT Girl developed as a fun and feminine identity which really captures who I am as an individual and presents a personality that you can relate to! For me this was vital moving forward.


I also felt that SBC had limited future growth potential. Perhaps part of this came from my difficulties connecting with the brand. I wasn't truely comfortable using my name and wanted a brand name that represented who I was and the vibrant people I wanted to connect with.

Additionally, I felt the SBC brand didn't allow me to create the community that I am craving. There is a huge community of ladypreneurs and creative entrepreneurs out there and my mission is to develop a community of strong women supporting, encouraging and learning from each other. The new brand gives me the scope to do so!

So today I would also like to introduce the Brand IT Girls Connected Facebook Group!

The aim of this group is to create an environment for like-minded ladies to connect and support each other. It's a brand new group so I would love to get to know you all there!


I have mentioned that I want to be completely transparent with you, and so it's definitely important that I talk about my PhD here.

I started a PhD almost two years ago on a topic that really wasn't getting me excited. It was a good topic, don't get me wrong, but I didn't wake up every morning needing to know, and I think doing a PhD really does require you to have a burning desire for the topic. My heart was in something else and that's something I needed to listen to, because ultimately, it's research that will really benefit the people I work with! So recently I spoke with my supervisor and decided I would cease my PhD topic and start again with a new topic.

This proposed dissertation and Brand IT Girl are intrinsically linked. I will be looking at how personal and business identity is performed online through social media and branding. My study will be asking this question by looking at ladypreneurs, creative entrepreneurs and shelancers.

So (re)starting my dissertation was a perfect opportunity to rebrand my business with my academic intentions in mind.

Starting over can be scary. But not for me. For me, starting over is a huge relief. It allows me to be who I am unapologetically and I am confident that I can help you be the best version of yourself too!

So welcome to the brand new site and brand BRAND IT GIRL. Please do leave any feedback you have, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions moving forward!