Brand It Kits are premium, all inclusive,
ready-made brand identities that are designed to make your life easier!

Do you know that you want a stellar brand but you just can’t put your finger on what it should look like, however you feel like you'll know it when they see it and when that happens - you'll be ready to fall in love? 

We have you covered! We offer a range of designs to meet the needs of a range of business types – from photographers, wedding planners, restaurants, boutiques, florists to lifestyle and fashion bloggers and much more! These thoughtfully and strategically crafted brands are only sold once and we work with you to customise the brand to fit your needs. We take lengthy design processes off the table for you, with your new brand being ready for you to start using within 14 days of purchasing. Come and meet your new brand, take the guesswork and uncertainty out of it and focus on what is really important to your business!



Have you fallen in love with your new brand?
I can hear the angels singing! Let’s get you and your brand going strong! Here is everything you need to know!


Once full payment has been received we can get started on making the brand your own! You will be sent all brand file proofs with your customisations applied. You are entitled to one round of revisions at no additional costs, just to make sure it’s perfect! You are welcome to request further revisions but these will be invoiced at an hourly rate.

Once you have approved your new brand, your final design files will be processed and uploaded into your own client portal on the Brand It Girl website complete with any instructions, tutorials and recommend printing companies and service providers you might need. You will have 1 month from the date of delivery to download all your files before your client portal is removed. If you have specific printers in mind, please let Brand It Girl know about their printing requirements in advance so we can ensure that your files are created according to their needs.

You are ready to go! Get all your friends together, throw a party and celebrate! Because your very own brand is ready to go! If in the future you need campaign graphics or anything additional you can also come back to Brand It Girl for special Brand It Kit customer discounts!

Browse the selection of beautiful one of a kind brand and choose your new brand. It is helpful if you note the brand name, you will need to know the brand name when you fill in the inquiry form in step two. Don't worry if there are things you would like to tweak - you can make that happen!

Fill out the Brand It Kit form and we can have a chat about the customisations you will need! The more information you provide in your inquiry form, the better! But don't worry if you have questions, we can sort that out! You will notice that I don’t ask for payment right away. I want to make 100% sure that you and the brand are made for each other! In this form you will be asked to note customisations that you need.

If it works out and you are in fact a perfect match, Brand It Girl will send you an invoice for the full listing amount. Your brand will be put on hold for 48 hours while we await your payment, after which it will be returned to market if you do not make payment. Once the invoice has been paid the brand will be marketed as sold. Please not that payment is final and non-refundable. Due to the nature of this product it is only sold once and we cannot offer change of mind refunds.


PLEASE NOTE: Please read the Brand It Kit terms and conditions for full details! We want everyone on the same page!