Well done on completing Module 4! You are almost finished! Can you believe it! I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are going through this course and giving me feedback! If you haven't already, don't forget to share your work in the Facebook group! The purpose of this private feedback form is to get an insight into what you did and didn't find useful in this module and hopefully from here we can work together to make this module stronger!

Did you complete Module 4?
Please select the relevant response to the following statements:
You know have a personality for your brand.
You have a moodboard that reflects that personality.
You have a logo and brand board.
You have a better understanding of brand photography.
You have a website that is well branded.
Can you read everything ok? Do you feel as though anything needs changing?
Do you have any recommendations for me as a teacher? Am I using enough examples? Am I speaking in a way that you can understand and stay engaged?
Are the videos working for you? Are you reading the text components?
Are you downloading the worksheets? Are these working for you? Do you have any reccomendation for ways to improve this?
Will you be joining us for module 5?!