5 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Social Media


Social media is such a powerful resources! So how do you ensure that you are using it properly?

One of the best things I have done for my business is committing to social media scheduling. Let me give you five reasons why you and your business should be scheduling your social media.


Scheduling your social media posts helps you to ensure a high level of consistency with the content you are posting. There is nothing better than well planned consistent content on Social Media and planning ahead of time with scheduling tools will help you to communicate a clear and concise message, and ultimately you will notice increased engagement when your readers know what to expect from you!


Social media scheduling frees up time and means that you will encounter less distractions throughout the day. If you are anything like me, you go onto Facebook or Twitter to post some content and suddenly 30 minutes have passed and you haven't even started writing your content - browsing takes up a lot of time! Scheduling social media gives you back that time throughout the day and you will be less likely to fall into the procrastination trap!

Here's what I do to streamline my process and save time when writing blog posts:

  • I write a draft of my blog post in Evernote. I can do this on the go, so it makes it really easy to collect my thoughts when I am out and about, at cafes or on the train.
  • I transfer the blog post to my Wordpress and add the formatting and featured images.
  • I schedule the post to go live early in the morning.
  • Using Buffer (I used to use Hootsuit so that works too!) to schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google +. These posts are generally scheduled to go live just before the peak hour work commute for my Australian readers and then again early the following morning for my international readers.
  • Using Latergram I schedule Instagram posts and when the predetermined time arrives, Latergram notifies me on mobile to post the content.

It's super easy and saves a heap of time on a daily basis that I could be doing other things!


Scheduling your social media allows you to post your content when you may not necessarily be awake or near your devices. This means that you can still post your content when it is most convenient for your audience without it being a huge hassle for you!

Check out this great infographic by Elle & Co that outlines the best times to post on Social Media


As I have started to grow my Brand IT Girl social media channels I have realised that the more strategic and intentional I am, the quicker and more engaged my audience grows. I carefully choose the content I share on social media, and while sometimes I wish I could just post a funny photo or a cute snap of my dog, I refrain from posting these things on Brand IT Girl branded reader touch-points. I keep my personal Facebook for those sorts of shots and the rest of my channels are intentionally and very clearly definable as Brand IT Girl.


Scheduling also allows you to integration and coordinate your content across your communication channels. This means that I will tailor my messages to suit the readers that engagement with me on each of my chosen touch-points making sure I don't repeat myself or bore my audience. I keep certain channels for certain things:

INSTAGRAM | I use Instagram for quotes, blog post adverts and as a platform to share inspiration and lifestyle images.

FACEBOOK | I use Facebook for blog post advertisements and business updates as well as a place to engage with people in my Brand IT Girls Connected Community.

TWITTER | I use Twitter for quotes, blog post adverts and to share great content I find on other bloggers and business' websites.

PINTEREST | I use Pinterest to share blog posts and to catalogue great content I find that has been created by other businesses and bloggers.