Content Repurposing: The Girl Boss’s Guide to Creating Less and Promoting More

As girlpreneurs in the digital age, we are constantly faced with the understanding that creating content and providing value is only half the journey to achieving girl boss superstardom. It’s a ton of work to create a new piece of content. There’s the research, writing, editing, optimizing, publishing, and promoting. Not to mention the moments when you really need to get a blog post out and you get haunted by the plague of the blinking cursor instead. You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Sometimes the mere thought of planning your content calendar for the month can feel like you’re David facing Goliath. We stop, look towards heaven, and hope there’s an easier, less tedious way to figure all this out! I know exactly what you mean, girlfriend. Nowadays, we have to get as many eyes on our brand as we can, and valuable content is our means of doing so.  It’s so important for people to find our beautifully written posts, value rich courses, and amazingly useful opt-ins. But it’s not a walk in the park to create all that magical content from scratch. While the thought of it seems like an impossible feat, there is an easier way to do this. No, like seriously. There is, and I’m going to tell you how. 

So what’s the big secret, Krystal? Drum roll please... The answer is content repurposing! The the hottest thing since sliced bread and honey let me tell you, it makes this whole “getting more eyes on your content” thing so much easier to do.  Creating content in multiple forms has never been as important to the content sharing culture than it is now. There are a ton of bonuses to creating your content in multiple forms. 

For starters, you’ll get better SEO!

Outside of social media promotion, SEO is the number one way to get more eyes on your content and your brand.  In my opinion, repurposing content in multiple forms is the easiest way to boost your SEO efforts and create a ton of link back opportunities for yourself. Talk about all eyes on you! Yaaaaas, Girl!

You’ll also position yourself as an expert with this content development approach.

When you position yourself as an expert the opportunities for you are exponential. Doors to opportunities will open for you as people associate you as the go-to person in your niche. 

With this approach, you can simply publish your content on almost every platform without the overwhelm.  As a Creative Virtual Assistant, I specialize in helping my clients become omnipresent superwomen using this exact same approach. You didn’t know I was going to teach you how to be omnipresent with your content? Oh yes, I am! I know you’re already asking yourself, “Ok, I’m sold but how can I be an omnipresent girl boss with my latest blog post? I’ll give you the master plan. Let’s dive in!

To begin, I’ve broken the process down into a few steps to keep things gorgeously organized and super easy to understand. So, here-we-GO!

STEP 1 | Choose a valuable piece of content you’ve already created.

This can be a blog post, ebook, ecourse, or podcast episode you’ve already done before. Any type of content will do. You just want to make sure that it’s rich with valuable golden nuggets for your audience. Choosing a piece of content you’ve already created will remove the research, writing, and editing tasks from your content creation process. 

Tip: If the content you’ve chosen is a video or podcast, it’s a great idea to get it transcribed. This makes it super easy to transform the verbally stated information into documented text you’ll use for other purposes. You can put in your handy-dandy headphones and do this yourself or hire a VA to help. Don’t know any? I can help. I know people. 

STEP 2 | Choose how you’ll repurpose this content into a different form.

Now that you’ve chosen your piece of content, you’ll want to decide how you will repurpose it. For example, if you’ve written a blog post, repurpose it into a mini-course or host a Facebook Live training session on the topic. Here are a few options to choose from: 

  • Host a Facebook Live Session
  • Social Media Promotion Re-play
  • Rewrite it as a Guest Post
  • Make it a Podcast Episode
  • Host a Webinar on the Topic
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Create Super Cool Memes
  • Collaborate with a Girl Boss
  • Repurpose it into 25-50 Tweets
  • Make it a Mini-Course
  • Create a  Full Teachable Course
  • Turn it into a Newsletter or Email Series
  • Make it an Infographic
  • Create a Downloadable Opt-in/E-Guide
  • Make it a Video Tutorial
  • Create a Slideshare on LinkedIn
  • Write it as an E-Book

STEP 3 | Repurpose + Edit

During this step you will actively repurpose your piece of content into your newly selected form and edit it to make it ready for publishing. 

STEP 4 | Publish + Share

Next, you will publish and share your content on a corresponding platform. For example. If you repurposed a blog post into an infographic, you will want to publish it on Pinterest. If you’ve repurposed your content in newsletter form, send it to your subscribers. 

STEP 5 | Repeat Steps 2-4

Repurpose your content as many times as you like. The more your content is presented to multiple audiences in multiple forms, the more you increase your brand visibility and SEO efforts.

Congrats, superwoman! You’re well on your way to content omnipresence and girl boss superstardom. While creating valuable content seems like a daunting task, it’s actually easier than you think when you use the repurposing approach. Why be paralyzed with the overwhelm of creating a new piece of content for each platform, when you can just refresh, remix, and repurpose what you already have?  You got this, girl. Repurpose that content like a boss!

Now that you’ve learned how to repurpose your content, join Sam and I for an exclusive Facebook Live training session as we take a deeper dive into creating digital omnipresence using the content repurposing approach. 



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Krystal is a natural people person with a love for all things creative! As a Creative Virtual Assistant, she helps female entrepreneurs create, repurpose, and publish content in diverse forms so that they can become omnipresent superwomen in their businesses. She resides in Orlando, Florida with her amazing husband. Her favourite colour is pink, her favourite food is cheesecake, and her favourite thing to do is to help bosses create client processes for seamless business operations. No, seriously. She’s a geek for that process stuff! Krystal attributes her success to the focus of helping others succeed. She believes that if you focus on the people and your passion, all your business dreams can come true.