How To Generate Endless Blog Post Ideas


Coming up with fresh, new blog post ideas isn't always as easy as it sounds. In fact, for some bloggers it can be paralysing. Just because you can't come up with a gazillion blog posts idea this very second, doesn't make you a bad blogger! It just means that you are pretty busy, pretty drained and feeling a little blog-brain dead and that's absolutely normal.

So what do we do on the days when we can't think of a blog topic to save our life, but because we are pro bloggers, we have a carefully thought out blogging commitment and you, my lady friend, have a blog post due... tomorrow! Here are some of my favourite, never-fail methods for generating endless blog post ideas - and I mean endless. You can come up with so much stuff, it blows my mind.


One of my favourite methods for generating new content that is highly valuable to my readers is to jump onto Facebook and browse the walls of my favourite industry boards. You will find a wealth of content right there, with people sharing their challenges and asking questions. All you have to do is read their struggles and use this to generate blog topics that not only answer questions and ease those struggles, but also engage with the wider issues facing the community. So ridiculously useful for everyone involved!


Likewise, Twitter is super useful for this too. Just have scroll through your feed and look at the kinds of questions being asked and the issues being raised. This is a great source of leads because it's always fresh and highly relevant in the now. You can also search hashtags which will open you up to a larger audience and a larger pool of themes that can inspire your content. The best part is, once you have written your blog post, you can go back to the source and answer their question with your blog link!


I often get a good giggle from online topic generators but sometimes they actually give you some real gems! I would recommend trying the following free topic generators, I am sure there are plenty of others, but these are my favourite three:

HUBSPOT - This is a great way for generating leads - you enter three words and the tool generates five potential leads. I generally find one or two great titles in these results but you can use the others as a starting point to come up with other ideas as well.

PORTENT - This generator comes up with some pretty weird and hilarious things and to be honest, they aren't always particularly useful. However they do come up with some gems and it's often a bit unusual so it makes the topic angle even more interesting!

CONTENT FOREST - This is a great tool that generates a huge amount of results! Some of it is quite generic so you may need to get creative and re-frame the titles a little, but it is a fantastic place to start when you are really stuck for topics!


Another really valuable source of blog topics is to think back to a time before you knew what you know now. It is actually really difficult to un-know what you now know (woah, mouthful, read that again slowly!!). But take a moment to think back to a time when you didn't know how to do the things you do, when you had questions and issues that needed solutions and write the blog posts that would have helped you. Because I guarantee if you struggled with something at one point, there are absolutely people out there struggling with the same questions right now! Moving forward, keep a log of your questions and what issues and problems you seek answers to. Once you have found those answers and solutions, turn them into blog posts and share what you have learnt with your readers!


This can sometimes also be referred to as 're-purposing' blog posts, but essentially instead of looking for blog posts externally, look internally at what you already have and identify blog posts that can be re-written in a different way to include new information or perspectives, topics that you could expand on within blog posts, or perhaps you mention something in a blog post that could trigger a whole new blog post that you then link to in the original post.



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